Training Registration Policy Guidelines


With the exception of some specialty classes such as Year End Seminars and the like, Major Account training is provided to our clients and authorized partners at no cost. In order to provide the greatest opportunity for all to attend necessary training, ADP reserves the right to limit the number of participants from the same organization to three participants attending the same scheduled offering.

For standard ADP classes, enrollees with scheduling conflicts should cancel their enrollment at least two days before the scheduled class date to give others an opportunity to enroll in class. Registered participants who have not canceled before the class date and who do not attend will be charged a “no show” fee of $125 for instructor-led training (ILT) and $30 per session for virtual classes (VC).

In cases where a dedicated class has been scheduled by request for a single organization, a minimum of five attendees is required. Organizations who cancel a dedicated class, or individual attendees who cancel with less than three days’ notice, will incur a late cancellation fee of $125 per person. Additional fees may apply in cases where ADP has incurred related expenses in conjunction with a specialized offering. .

Many ADP classes are eligible for continuing education credit (CPE). Attendees seeking professional recertification can find class credit information in the course descriptions on Learn@ADP. In order to maintain ADP’s accreditation, the accrediting agencies require the following:

1. The attendee must be enrolled individually under his or her own name and with relevant company information.

2. The attendee must be logged in to the class on his or her own computer.

3.The attendee must be actively engaged in the class, including completing all hands-on exercises, workshops, and so on.
*Note: Given the accreditation requirement above that an attendee complete “all hands-on exercises, workshops, and so on,” we are unable to grant formal CPE/RCH credit to a participant who is logged in to class via a mobile device.

4. The attendee must be logged in for the full duration of the class or for each segment of a multisegment class, as applicable.

ADP reserves the right to cancel and reschedule a class due to low enrollments or unexpected situations. If a cancellation or rescheduling should occur, ADP will make every effort to contact enrollees within 24 hours of the scheduled class date.

For more information about administrative policies, such as refunds and cancellations, contact your ADP representative.



Last updated: February 2017